Haven’t been scrapbooking

August 5, 2014 in Personal Reflections, Sweet Tomato Designs (Retired))

I’m betting you have guessed I haven’t been scrapbooking lately.  :)  But I hope to be getting back to it soon.  A computer that is nine years old is not helping, but we may have a way around that soon.

I’m going to repost a picture that has been in my mind lately, probably because I’m watching the newest member of our family as she begins to push up to see things and is trying to figure out how to move around on her own.  She is only 5 months old.  Her oldest sister pictured below was much older, 2 years old actually, but was overcoming so much that doing this alone was an accomplishment.  Just as I enjoy watching our newest daughter explore to see what she can do, I remember Miss Angela doing the same.  Rejoicing in it just the same because no matter when a child achieves a skill it is a skill achieved.


2010 GDS Try

January 28, 2013 in Contests, Layout, Personal Reflections

I realized tonight as I was cleaning things up on my blog and staring my process of uploading all of my layouts to DST that I completely missed uploading a few layouts here to my blog.  So here it goes.  All of these layouts were for the GoDigital Scrapbooking Supreme Team challenge in the fall of 2010.  Most of the designers do not still appear to be at GDS so I have not linked to kits.  As I complete the cleaning things up around my blog I will be trying to find out if the designers have moved onto another store that I can link to.

Week 1 we had the pleasure of using “What A Hoot” by Tricia Curtis Designs.  I LOVED the owls then and I still do.  Not sure what it is with me and owls.  :)

whatahootThis is the layout I created.  My girls love running around a tree we have in our yard 2010GDS_wk1_What-a-Hootand I wanted to give my layout movement and I think I achieved that well with the circular framing and having the pictures actually show the different angles.







Week 2 we had the pleasure of working with “Winter Dreaming” by Studio4 Designworks.


This is the layout I created using my favorite inspirations, my girls!  2010GDS_wk2_CindyLouWhos

My three girls have had long enough hair to have the pig tails like Cindy Lou Who.  My first daughter was actually nicknamed that by her physical therapist whenever I put her hair in pig tails which was quite a bit.  It helped keep her hair out of her face as we worked her hard on her physical therapy.

So I took part of the paper giving it the angle of the tree, and then used pictures of my girls as ornaments on the tree.  The great part is I was even able to coordinate the ornament frames to match their favorite colors. :)



The third week is one when I didn’t make it past.  But I still had the pleasure of creating with the kit “Dainty” by HK Designs.


This one I had a much harder time coming up with my muse. 2010GDS_wk3_Dainty

I finally came up with this layout but as I uploaded I told my husband it wasn’t going to be good enough.  I just couldn’t feel it as much.  That is the hard part when you are applying to be a CT person and scrap the way I do with stories first.

This picture though is precious to me as it is a picture of a friend of ours daughter holding our first daughter.  Z knew there was something different about Miss Angela and she wanted to be near her the entire time she was at the house.  Our friends live in Germany which made it very hard for Miss Z when Angela passed.

Hope you enjoyed my blast from the past.  :)


January 27, 2013 in Personal Reflections

I’m updating the site, trying to fix the links that broke to pictures when the site had problems.  I’m also taking the opportunity to clean things up a bit, for example fix my categories for some posts.  Since anyone that I have CT’d for has retired it hadn’t felt like a big push.  There has been so much to focus on besides scrapbooking.

But I know that I need to.  I need to focus on my scrapbooking for my sanity.  I need that time, that therapy.

There are also a few people that I would love to work with having the CT calls right now.

I do not think I stand a chance this time either.  But I have to try.

First step was updating.  So I’ve at least gotten all the posts updated.  I wanted to get this crossed off my list.  This way even if I do not get a new CT gig, at least I’m up to date when the Lord decides its time.

Finding Joy in the Pain

December 18, 2012 in Personal Reflections

This time of year is a hard time of year for me for many reasons.

stock-photo-22638066-sandy-hook-school-shooting-newspaper-collageThis past weeks events cannot be ignored (photo from iStockphoto), and should not be, but out of defense of my own sometimes fragile state of mind at this time of year I’m trying to watch what I click on, what I allow on TV on the radio.  I’m not ready to handle the facts yet.  It is time to mourn.

Yet Christmas is almost here.  The third candle of advent has been lit, the candle of joy.  We did not make it to church.  We are still trying to find where to attend and honestly we still have so little time as a family that we treasure any time that we are together even if it is just cuddling in on a Sunday morning.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be advertising that.  But for us this is our life right now.

An old friend of mine from camp has become a pastor and he reflected on the past week’s events in the light of the tradition of advent.  http://theosnob.blogspot.com/2012/12/finding-joy.html

A new friend shared his sermon as well.  http://streetpastor.wordpress.com/2012/12/16/the-dark-side-of-joy/

I’m still trying to process.  I’m holding my children extra tight.  I mourn at this time of year anyways since losing Miss Angela.  But I mourn for the parents who have now joined our “club” and are now mourning their little ones.

How do you take your photos?

June 15, 2012 in Personal Reflections

Did you see Simply Tiffany’s post today?

She talks about how in many ways scrapbooking has now gone digital and I have to agree, of course I also digiscrap more than paper scrap due to my space and time limitations.  Lately I haven’t even been able to scrap a lot and I’m sincerely trying to change that.  And I’m hoping I can still find someone to be a CT for to help me (okay force me) to get my scrapping done because of the agreement I have with the designer.

Tiffany goes on to say:

For me, scrapbooking was and will be about the story. But now I can publish a photo plus or minus story with a few keystrokes to Facebook, Instagram or the millions of other similar apps. Scrapbooking went digital, it went mobile, and I want to know if I’m alone:

  • Do you scrapbook your smartphone images?
  • Do you take more or less photos now?
  • Do you still carry your DSLR to places you’ll know you’ll take a lot of photos?
  • What’s your strategy for the digital revolution?
  • Have you seen Renee’s new iScrapit class? She says “mobile scrapbooking” is the next logical step. Do you agree?

This was my response:

“I do still take as many photos and I still have as much trouble getting all my photos and stories scrapped as I did with my regular camera.  I’m often able to share quicker on my phone camera with friends and family through Facebook updates. It is just not possible for me to carry my good camera around while chasing three kids.  My phone however can be tucked away and brought back out in a moments notice.  

“I use all the photos when I scrap, those from my good camera and my iPhone.  Quality is different between them and sometimes that makes me sad that I don’t have a picture with a higher megapixels so I can do more with it.  But it is the story that makes the impact, the picture just helps.  The only pictures I have of my first daughter are with an old 2.0 megapixel camera and I will never have any pictures of her that I can do more with them.  So I try to just remember getting the stories down and the memories is what is important.”

I have not yet taken a look at Renee’s class.  A part of me wants to, and I probably will later today, and I know that trying to fit in one more thing in the schedule (as well as the pocketbook) is a bit of stretch right now.  But I know I’m not the only one in that situation.

For me the purchase of my iPhone was not based on the ability of what photos I could take.  Given the fact we had given up our landlines to save some money and I needed a good voice quality phone that I could use (since my old Nokia couldn’t even check voicemail without it running out of battery power) and I wanted an iTouch for what I could do for me and the kids (we are homeschooling) it was actually the best investment money wise.

But now I am grateful that I almost have the ability in my pocket to grab a picture of a memory I want to keep.  Now don’t get me wrong, I miss my digital camera – a LOT!  My iPhone camera is not nearly as fast in capturing kids that are running around.  Often pictures have blurred parts of kids that I try to say is part of the charm.  I miss being able to have the crisper shots with my digital camera and often if I can I will run in and grab it and switch to taking photos with it instead.

The story behind it always will remain as the focus though for my pictures.  For every picture I have taken there is a story behind it and that is the story I need to get out in my scrapbooking.

Blessings, Rebecca